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TECH-SHIFT  is a free skill acquisition scheme of Hodisol Limited to empower youths, graduates and interested individuals with the knowledge and skills of the digital world.


According to  Executive vice president and chief knowledge officer, Products and Innovation, SAP, Bernd Welz
“Digital talent is threatening to become the major bottleneck of digitalization in the industry. A deficit in digital skills is still among the top barriers to digital transformation,” 
Many Nigeria youths graduate from colleges and a higher institution of learning, but only a few of them land good jobs. The economic situation in the country and the global arena as moved from the employed labour mindset to an entrepreneurship one.

Digital talent is sure the way out of the high unemployment rate that has eaten deep into the country, however, there is a huge skill gap and only a few individuals are enlightened with these digital skills.

What To Expect at TECH-SHIFT

At TECH-SHIFT,  you will be tutored, mentored and coached by Professionals and Experts in industry. These experts will break down the technicalities and expose the secrets behind each digital skills.

Shift Programme has been designed to ensure that young generations are inspired, prepared and coached to be financially independent by empowering them with skills such as digital marketing, web design and multimedia disciplines.

At TECH-SHIFT you will connect, meets and network with professionals and other individuals in the Digital Industry. 

TECH-SHIFT Courses is designed to highlight the foundations of each digital course and how you can make a living with them.

Our Courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • 3D Animation 
  • Web Design