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Video Editing Training

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Video Editing Training

This hands on Adobe Premiere Pro training course will teach you how to perform essential video editing functions, titles, video & audio effects to a professional standard using Adobe Premiere Pro’s powerful advanced features. This Adobe Premiere Pro training course covers video hints and tips, project management issues and compression methods that can make all the difference to your final video production. You will work with dramatic real-world media to learn the practical techniques used daily in editing projects.

Duration: 4 weeks   Price: N40,000  Materials: N20,000

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Motion Graphics Training

Motion Graphic Design introduces students to the principles and elements of motion design through studio practices at beginning and advanced levels. The first phase, “type in motion”,  emphasizes on the relationship between typography principles and animation fundamentals.
The second phase is an advanced applied approach to the language and principles of motion

Motion Graphics - Maya   Duration: 4 weeks  Price:N40,000  Materials: N20,000

Motion Graphics - Blender   Duration: 4 weeks  Price: N40,000 Materials: N20,000

Motion Graphics -  Cinema4D  Duration: 4 weeks   Price: N40,000  Materials: N20,000